God has sent us mature believers, strong in the word and we are becoming well equipped to disciple. 

Les and Joy Yoder and other leaders from their church came to Florence Vineyard on Friday, November 22nd to anoint us for ministry. In addition, Beverly and I were ordained into and as a part of the Vineyard Ministry Family.

Having spent another part of my life as a country musician, the transition from the Honky Tonk style praise and worship (with a country and southern rock flavor) has been wonderful. We do our best to stay current with Vineyard worship and vision.

In addition to the endless support and prayers of Providence Vineyard and the coaching of Les and Joy Yoder, other Vineyard pastors through prayer and encouragement have helped sustain us. While some have scoffed, God has been faithful. Thank you, Jesus.

We prayed that somewhere in the Florence area, God would be released to demonstrate and illustrate His beauty and power. We were teaching from our home and other locations for almost nine years and finally we visited Providence Vineyard Church in central Oregon. As I entered their sanctuary standing in the doorway, I sensed in my spirit that we were entering into a place where Jesus loved to hang out and we witnessed the same during the service.

Les and Joy (Sr. Pastors at Providence Vineyard who became our sending church) invited us and four other couples to their home (that same day) and the journey began. We believe God instructed us not to think back, look back or go back and we have been following His instructions as best we can. He has been with us every step of the way with manifestations, signs and wonders, but most of all and best of all, His Presence. We held our first service in our home on November 4, 2012 with ten people. Two young people since have confessed Christ and we realize there is much work to be done in the area of discipleship. 

About The Pastors

For several years, Beverly and I have known that God’s call was on our lives. It was something planted so deeply inside and we became increasingly unsure about how church was supposed to act and look. We yearned desperately for His Presence, His Glory in a tangible way and finally experienced His Presence and Power seven or eight years ago at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. We both received our healing at Bethel (Osteoporosis and torn rotator cups in both shoulders).

About Our Pastors / How We Became Vineyard

​​​God's Power House

I am approaching seventy-eight years young and retired as a Supt. of Schools in AZ with an earned doctorate in Ed. and Policy Studies. Beverly just turned seventy-three and spent thirty two years as a dental professional (dental hygiene). We have a large blended family of seven children, thirteen grandchildren and even great grandchildren. We have the resources to travel and see places and things, but serving in His kingdom has captured every fiber of who we are because He first loved us.​